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10 Things You Never Knew About Female DJ Frizzle


She is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising female turntablist who is steadily carving a strong niche for herself in male dominated field with every step she takes in her career.

Within a short period of time, DJ Frizzie is turning into a household name in the entertainment circle and has recently earned herself a couple of deals which include becoming Mr.2Kay’s official, plus VJ for newest television station in the country, CoolTv.

Obviously for those who have been hearing the buzz about her, there are certain things you’d like to know about her.

See the 10 things you never knew about DJ Frizzie below.

1. Her full name is Frances Tamunonengiyeofori (Onengiye, For Short) Higgwe and she’s from Kalabari in Rivers State, Nigeria.

2) She is a graduate of the university of Port-Harcourt from the department of Environmental engineering and she is presently doing her Msc in Water & Environmental Management in the United Kingdom.

3. 3. Dj Frizzie has just recently been nominated for one of the categories of the ELOY (Exquisite Ladies Of The Year) Awards 2014.

4. Her spinning skills and knack for excellence has seen her been featured on MTVBASE Official Club Chart occasionally, and become Mr.2Kay’s official DJ, plus VJ for newest television station in the country, Cool TV.

5. DJ Frizzie is so in touch with her roots and environment around her that she sets aside time for some charity work and was involved in ‘THE RELIEF ARK ON THE #REACHKIDS PROJECT’ for an orphanage home in Port Harcourt and also worked with ‘IYANYA FOUNDATION IN COLLABORATION WITH CHARITY LOUNGE FOR THE #THENATURALCHILD EDITION FOR DOWN SYNDROME CHILDREN’.

6. You guys should be a little shocked to know that the Port Harcourt artiste Frank D’Nero (Cure my craze Crooner) is her half-brother.

7. She would be releasing her first music collaboration in the month of November 2014, in which she features Tha Suspect and Mr 2kay.

8. As a DJ, one would think, it’s always party, party, party. But on the contrary, Frizzie loves her sleep and some “Me” time. Her Idea of a quiet time is She, her PC, some food (by the way, she loves food) and some good piece of movie.

9. She’s the first child and the only daughter, and got an architect for a younger brother. Their Mum must be so proud.

10. And the Last Big One, DJ Frizzie had always wanted to be a pop star and was just Frizzie at that time. Even released 2 singles, – ‘My Heart’ & ‘Don’t Holla At Me Boy’, a remix to Wizkid’s “Holla At Me” before she decided to chase a career as a Disc Jockey first, though not giving up as a music artiste yet.

Well thank God for the change of name cause there’s a “rapper” somewhere with the name Frizzie too.



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