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13 APC Senators To Work With PDP For Senate President Over Oshiomhole’s ‘Careless Talk’


The manner APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole has been warning Senators like schoolboys in his classroom, some APC senators are said to be angry and ready to work with the PDP and Bukola Saraki to ensure one of them emerge as Senate President with PDP as Deputy.

After Bola Tinubu, APC national leader was reportedly said anyone not happy with the decision should leave the party, the situation have become worse. The battle has started…
The PDP has launched an audacious move to win to its side 13 aggrieved APC Senators-elect as part of a grand design to hijack the leadership of the 9th Senate.

But the alleged plot has leaked to the APC which has launched a counter move of its own to avoid a repeat of the 2015 infiltration of its ranks in the National Assembly by the PDP.

The APC is in talks with governors and national leaders to support President Buhari’s choices for the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan and the Speaker of the House who may be named this week.

According to The Nation, APC is determined to ensure that none of its members contests against APC’s official candidates for leadership positions in the Senate and the House of Reps in June.

Another option is a likely waive of the Standing Rules of the two chambers to allow open voting during the election of principal officers to monitor the loyalty of the party’s Senators-elect.

After Oshiomhole said no PDP member will get to head any committee, the APC is now discussing with some PDP Senators-elect with a view to giving them the chairmanship of juicy committees.

But PDP leaders are targeting 13 Senators-elect from APC, to be in charge of the Senate as it is now.

If the PDP’s plan sails through it will have on its side about 56 votes for a majority decision leaving APC with 53.The PDP targets are Senators-elect from Borno, Oyo, Gombe, Bayelsa, Bauchi and Ogun states.

The Standing Rules do not expressly state that presiding officers must come from the ruling party.

Investigation by The Nation revealed that APC and PDP have been trying to outwit each other on the election of the new Senate President, Speaker and other officers.

While the APC leadership and Ahmed Lawan have been engaging Senators-elect on one-on-one talks, the PDP has been trying to mount pressure on most Senators-elect to resist what it has termed “imposition of principal officers” by the Executive.

Sources said PDP’s agenda is to share power with the APC in the two chambers.

A top source in APC, who spoke in confidence, said: “The race is still open despite the fact that APC has made its position known and released its zoning formula for the Senate. We are expecting the party’s idea of power sharing in the House this week. What we are trying to do is to keep our caucus united in the two chambers.

“But not all Senators-elect and House members-elect have bought into the party’s zoning formula. This is why we have sought the assistance of APC governors and national leaders to engage the new National Assembly members to avoid a repeat of 2015 episode which was plotted and sealed by the opposition.

“Our main target is to assert our right as the party with the majority in the National Assembly to produce the new set of leaders.

“We have already asked the nominee for Senate Presidency, Dr. Ahmad Lawan and some Senators-elect to meet with all Senators-elect on why APC must forge a common front. To us, delivering democratic dividends is more important than the sentiments being whipped up by the opposition.”

Asked if the APC could regain the control of the two chambers, the source added: “We want to speak with one voice this time around; we plan to present common candidates for all offices due to APC without counter-nominations; and we are also negotiating with PDP Senators-elect and House members-elect.“We will not underrate the opposition but we won’t let them have their way like the case in 2015. We are hopeful of getting the figures from APC and PDP members before the inauguration of the 9th Senate.”

A ranking Senator in PDP said: “We are really opposed to any plot to foist leaders on the two chambers. Our fears border on a possible rubber-stamp legislature.”


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