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#BBNaija Fans Are Claiming Ozo Was Touching Nengi And ‘Touching Himself’ Last Night, Because He Was Whining His Waist On The Bed (VIDEOS)


There’s a video currently trending on social media, and this same video has sparked conversation on Twitter, with many accusations flying around.

Folks on social media are claiming Ozo was fondling Nengi last night, while ‘whining his waist’, which seemed as though he was masturbating.

While others are saying he was simply holding Nengi hands staring at her, while she sleeps.

Some other folks are claiming Ozo ‘kemen-ed’ Nengi, because she was ‘asleep’.

See the videos below and be the judge:

Some comments below;

@TWEETORACLE: People are so VILE, mean and spiteful on this app. I had to watch this video of last night more than 10 times and saw NOTHING to justify all the HATRED and INSULTS flying around. #FreeNengiAndOzo and you will find peace. Stan ur fave in peace and let them be

@UyaiUyo: Superions and Ninjas if we haven’t been together before, this is the time for us to. It’s clear that other teams are trying hard to sabotage Ozo by saying Nengi wasn’t aware and not Ninjas. We all watched that video and we know nothing out of the normal happened.

@centiabeauty: Let me just say this video made me happyTired face. Ozo please stop all your shalaye and be focusing more on action. Na your shalaye dey vex me pass. Nengi is fully awake so let’s all act like adults and stop agenda.

@Nekky111: Stop this nonsense agenda abeg, Ozo might have caressed her face n hands but as he was going further she stopped him.
Nengi just said “Seriously”, open your ears well and there’s no moan at all ahhhh. Y’all kill mePerson facepalmingPerson facepalmingWoozy faceWoozy face. Even if they wanna do anything what’s ur own.

@NengisNinja: Trying tarnish their image just cos they are a competition to ur fave? the sky is big enough for everyone. stop making this show toxic.

@uncle_boma: See the distance na. Facts:
1. Nengi was wearing a full PJ
2. She is on her period
3. They have been holding hands while sleeping (it is possible he was touching her hand)

Stop concluding when you are not certain.

@bhenjaminsuccex: I really don’t understand the hate on nengi and Ozo especially Ozo, where is it coming from? Superions and ninjas are cool with almost the other hms fanbase, because our faves don’t gossip, so where is all these hate coming from? #FreeNengiAndOzo

@boobtiful2: I woke up to nonsense propaganda on my faves Smirking face. I was busy looking for videos of where Nengi climbed Jon snow to get fingered and there is none! Normal pinch and evil people want to change it Smiling face with open mouth. Please be patient , we dont mind sefSmirking face. #BBNaija #Ozone #FreeNengiAndOzo

@JessyProdigy: They must be protected at all cost…. The same Nengi that would remove Ozo’s hand if he touches her is the same one who you people are saying was sleeping… May God punish all of you for trying to discredit Ozo…

@Mac_Korlah: Lol!!! So, I woke up and now I am seeing a video of Ozo and Nengi online and funny enough, as expected different ‘wrong narration’ of the video in the air. I love to see ‘Ozo and Nengi’ trending or being dragged effortlessly. If you love them, RT!!!


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