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Boyfriend Who Tears His Girlfriend Pant Everyday Reacts; Girlfriend Says He Buys Her 6 To 12 Pants Every Weekend (Video)


Over the weekend, a certain Facebook user, Mercy Ada Jesus and her boyfriend, trended and took the whole social media by storm.

Apparently, Mercy paid a tribute to her boyfriend. She had written on her Facebook page: “You have made me to stop wearing pants. U just keep on tearing my pants and destroying my bras. You are nothing but, My womb shifter. My pant remover. My waist bender. My pu**y general manager. My pu**y key holder and unlock. Ur d**k is my life ❤🥰😘. May u live long. My Indonesian Boyfriend. Am ready to breast feed u till world ends my heartbeat. Pls if e pain u, go and hug transformer”

Her post went viral on social media, with several reactions.

Mercy and her boyfriend have reacted to the reports. In a new video she made with her man, she revealed that though she finds the pant removing adorable, and he buys her new pants every weekend. Sometimes, he gets a dozen, sometimes, half a dozen.

“I just want to say that I am proud of my pant remover. He can tear pant for Africa. He just likes tearing my pant, I don’t know why.. Though I have not asked him why he likes tearing my pant, every weekend he buys pants for me.. every weekend he buys new pant for me, sometimes 12, sometimes 6 pants.. Every friday, new pants.. He just likes tearing pant with his teeth.”

In the video, Mercy quickly asked her man his reason for always tearing her pants, and he responded by saying, “It is because I love you”.

Watch the video below;


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