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Confusion In Kano As Thugs Tear Result Of Last LGA


There is uncertainty surrounding Saturday’s supplementary governorship election in Kano State after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) suspended the collation of results following a violent disruption of the process by political thugs.

INEC State REC, Riskuwa Shehu on Sunday announced the suspension of collation, citing the invasion of Nasarawa Local government collation centre again by thugs.
Briefing journalists, observers and party representatives at the State INEC office, Shehu said: “As we were waiting to reconvene with the intention to continue with the collation, we heard a disturbing report that just as they were about to conclude, results collation in Nasarawa local government were disrupted and the result sheet torn away and there was a lot of commotion and the police had to rescue some people.

“As it is now, we don’t have the result and even the E. O. (Electoral Officer) had to be rescued. Luckily, nothing happened to him. He was saved from the crisis. But the intention of the commission is that we are going to refer to our primary and secondary data of results that were collated from the polling units as well as the ward level.

“When we get the results in the presence of all the representatives of political parties, we will regenerate the results and we will confirm those that are acceptable within our laws and guidelines and those that have to be cancelled because the card readers will have to be referred to as well.

“Based on that, we will have genuine results and we will complete the collation for the state governorship election,” he said.

Early results from the areas in which the re-run held in Kano showed that Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of the APC and Abba Kabir-Yusuf of the PDP were running a tight race.

Before INEC declared the election inconclusive, PDP candidate had polled 1,014,474 votes, while the APC candidate scored 987,819 votes, leaving a difference of 26,655 votes.

Where is the police DIG, AIGs and all the officers deployed to the state? How come political thugs are able to disrupt collation centers with impunity in the same area twice? This is worrisome.


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