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Failed Artistes! Lol!!


Ecterera and Olisa

I literally laughed when Nigerian talented musician, Etcetera, was humiliatingly termed, ‘’A Failed Artiste’’, by Nigeria’s top OAPs; Freeze and Olisa.Freeze angrily tweeted, ‘’You are a shameless waste, who failed woefully as a musician’’. He emphasised further , ‘’This fool has an opinion about every one forgetting he failed woefully as a musician. I won’t mention his name, so I don’t make an idiot popular’’.

Olisa Adibua, Beat fm’s Programmes Director and popular On Air Personality, took his turn and further rubbished Etcetera saying, ‘’Etcetera is a nobody. He is a failed artiste.’’

As funny as this could be, it is only an extract needed to add humour to this article. As rational thinkers it is only necessary we sincerely ask ourselves this question: Who is a failed artiste? According to oxford dictionary 7th edition, ‘A failure is a lack of success in doing or achieving something’, an artiste on the other hand, ‘Is a professional entertainer such as a singer, a dancer or an actor.

A Failed Artiste refers to that Nigerian house,facebook,street,carnival and regular studio singer whose desires to go professional about music never saw the limelight.

You find them as friends,colleaques,or in your neighbourhood; they are the once who keep disturbing your sleep at nights as they sing and play the guitar. Looking at them you could tell that they are music stars in the making, but so many issues that faces the up & coming Nigerian artiste seems to put off the fire.

The Nigerian music industry needs a active, sensitive and balanced platform, that would help bring unheard works of such zealous artistes to the limelight. The media in all its entirety(radio, television, print, and the internet) should be used to positively promote the works of both the already made artistes as well as the up & coming ones.

The greatest misery that could hit any creative mind is that sense of failure, never to have succeeded in having his work displayed to the admiration of the world: and his greatest hope ,from that day he starts dreaming that one day his art would move from the stage of his bedroom to a global one.

Dear striving Artistes, The Nigerian music industry has grown, and your desires to be part of it is a blessing in the waiting. Whatever made Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Davido, Banky W, Olamide, Yemi Alade and other successful artistes to be there now, will surely get you too there in Faith and Hard work.

Read up on their long walk to success and you would realise that what you are going through as an up & coming act is necessary and a preparatory stage for your own greatness.

Just bear one thing in mind, and let it be the anthem you wake up to sing in the morning, say it with me! And say it aloud! “My music won’t end up in the four walls of my room, neither in the heat of the music studio, the world won’t term me ,’A Failed Artiste; it is a matter of time, I am a success, this is what I am, I know who I am!!!”



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