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Music Is What I Love Doing – Freshgreen


Africans in Italy should “keep up the struggle” without losing hope, advises Freshgreen, Italy based Nigerian musician. Freshgreen who is fresh to the music scene as his names suggests, also urges Africans in the country to avoid getting into trouble.

The young musician who plays Afro-Hiphop and Gospel music has just finished working on his debut LP titled “The Little Beginning (TLB)”. Here’s an exclusive interview he granted latestnaija.com.

Freshgreen, why did you decide to become a musician?
Well for me I would say music is an inborn thing. It is a God given talent that has been in me since I was born and it is only just coming out during this period of my life.It is definitely what i love doing.

When did you move to Italy and where are you currently based?

I came to Italy in 2006 and I am currently based in Rovigo, Veneto.

Why did you choose Italy?
Well I would say I came to Italy by chance.

How would you describe your style of music?
Basically I do afro-hip-hop and in my “TLB” album I have two reggae tracks and a gospel track too.

How many LPs or tracks have you so far released?
I just finished working on my debut album, titled “The Little Beginning (TLB)”.

What do you talk about in your songs?
My music basically talks about happy people, love, peaceful co-existence among people of various tribes and races, as well as educating people about not doing wrong to the society that we live in.

What are some of the problems you are facing as an African musician in Italy?
For me I think the major problem of an upcoming artist in Italy is getting to blend into the music industry. You know the African and Italian cultures are different.

Is African music appreciated in Italy?
Of course yes, for example my music is appreciated here in Italy. I remember when I did my first show here in Italy and we had over a hundred Italian guests that were dancing to my tunes, which for me is a plus.

What are your future projects?
My future project will be my Greenvision Foundation which I started a few months ago. It seeks to cater for the less privileged. Basically as my music grows I have decided to set aside ten percent of my total album sales towards supporting my foundation.

Where can our readers find your music?
Hopefully as soon as the album comes out, I intend to promote it from city to city, in clubs and definitely my fans will get to buy a signed copy of my CD directly from me. Then as soon as I sort out distribution issues, it will definitely be in major stores here in Italy.

Do you stage regular concerts?
Actually I am also working towards getting to run more concerts to promote my album and as soon as I finish talking to my partners, details will be released.

What’s your message to Africans in Italy?
Keep up the struggle, don’t lose hope and don’t get into trouble. One love!

Any other comment?
Let me use this opportunity to thank all my fans out there for the support. God bless you all.

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