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“I stayed in their boys squatters with their driver and their cook” – MayD Shares Shocking Details About Psquare And Their Brother


Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan, yesterday, went on an Instagram Live chat, and she revealed how she had issues with her record label (owned by Jude Okoye) and lost her royalties.

She added that she doesn’t have access to her VeVo account anymore; she suffered so much losses and has been battling depression ever since. Her revelation moved folks, with many launching a campaign to bring her back to the spotlight.

Reacting to her revelations, Peter Okoye, who himself is embroiled in a bitter feud with his brother Jude Okoye, tweeted his support for Morgan and also revealed that he knew how bad things would go for her.

Now, MayD has hopped on the case to also speak about his time with the Okoye Brothers, who he had claimed took advantage of him.

About his time with the Okoye brothers, he said:

“I was staying in their boys squatters with their driver and their cook just one room all of us shared a toilet and I had big songs and also the other side of their twin duplex was empty! Now! I slept on brand new television carton used my shirt as cover cloth.

Addressing claims that he was greedy, he said:

How can you say greed when I never billed them for anything I have ever done for them in my life! From writing credit and vocal credit on the invasion album … ask them if I was ever greedy! Just let them say it! Dont ever in your life , say I’m greedy again.. I’m the most reasonable person you can ever meet! Do you know I was with Psquare since 2008 I never had a bank account!!”


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