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Success Inspires Me – Nenaya Jazmine


She entered the Naija music scene in 2010 with single titled “Cloud 9ine”,ever since then she has not looked back as she went on to release a remix for Cloud 9ine in the year 2011, featuring L.A.C.E and in 2012, she released “Summertime“,and early this year she dropped her most recent single titled “I Dey Try 4 U” which was produced by Dan Steinbrink.

She is set to make use of her greatest strength, which is resilience, to pave a firm spot for herself on the Naija music scene.In the spirit of Valentine, she releases a couple of sexy photos [photo credits to Books Media] and a brief interview as well, to give us an insight to her world.

You recently released a single titled “I Dey Try 4 U”, what is the message behind this song? Is it personal?

It’s really funny because, of all the songs which I’ve released, “I Dey Try 4 U” seems to be prompting a whole lot of questions. People have been asking me, who it is that I’m trying for. It almost begs the statement “I bet you think this song is about you”! But anyway, the song was inspired by a cumulation of past experiences that I’ve had and also experiences that I’ve witness other people go through.

So is it a love song?

Hmmm. Yes, I guess it can be classified as a love song.

Do you write a lot of love songs? How would you describe the kind of music which you have released and intend to release?

I’ve actually written a whole bunch of love songs but I don’t think that they will be released as singles. I don’t know, I guess faster paced songs are generally what is popping these days.

Well, can’t a love song be fast paced?

I suppose it can, like an angry love song.

Are you currently in production for the music video to go with your new single?

We are not currently in production for the music video.

Do you have a tentative release date?

It’s a secret!!! It’s going to come out when least expected. I like to surprise people!

Is that right?

Yes Sir!!!

So you decided to release some new photos for Valentine’s Day?

Yes, I thought it would be nice to do so.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you and do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?

To most, I think that Valentine ’s Day is a celebration of romanticism, but to me it is much more than that. My dad was actually born on Valentine’s Day so I’m just going to commemorate him and perhaps I will go out for a special dinner later.

From the looks of these pictures it looks like you may have modeled in the past. Is this true?

There are different forms of modeling but I did do some modeling in Israel when I was younger; not runway modeling, but I did a swimming suit photo-shoot to commemorate when Israel signed a peace treaty with Jordan and the photo was featured on the front page of the number one newspaper in Israel. I was actually scouted for the photo while I was on vacation with my family so it was pretty cool. I also did a coffee commercial in Israel.

What inspires you?

Success inspires me. I get inspired when I see others do successful things. It makes me realize that I too can be doing great things.

So what does your 2013 look like?

I have a lot of little projects planned for the year. I plan on releasing new music as I’m really trying to get that Afro Pop sound going so I plan on exploring my options as far as working with different Nigerian producers. I guess I’m a little superstitious talking about my future plans so I’d like to just remain quiet and then release projects as they are finalized.

Which Nigerian producer do you inspire to work with?

I know that this may sound cliché but I’d love to work with Don Jazzy. I really respect his work and really started to notice him after the work he did on the Solar Plexus album, especially the track he did for Tiwa Savage, “Oma Ga”. He is uber-talented and I would kill to work with him.

Why did you opt to get into music?

I’ve always been a lover of music and the arts in general. I think that a lot of people aspire to go into music because it creates a platform to display one’s creativity. So yeah, I’d like to express myself through my music.

The Nigerian music industry is very competitive. What makes you think that you can succeed?

Resilience is the key among other factors. You must not give up on yourself. I’m constantly on various Nigerian blogs and I see a lot of artistes who release stuff and then nobody hears from them again. I think that you should just keep releasing music until it hits. I think my resilience is what is going to make me succeed.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

It’s funny you asked because I actually recently finished drafting my 5 year plan. Apart from doing music, I aspire to have an active role in film production and also fashion designing. I’m hoping that in 5 years, I would have released my 1st clothing line and perhaps directed or co-directed my first movie!

That is a huge goal.

Well I think that it is important to have goals which are realistic and measurable. It is a huge goal but virtually anything can be achieved with hard work and dedication and a whole lot of help from the man above.


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