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Leaked Tape Of Tinubu Promising APC Members Huge Money If Buhari Wins Pops Out


A leaked tape where National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola  promised party faithful a huge amount if they can secure reelection for President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the tape obtained by THISDAY, Tinubu mentioned he has enough money to bankroll elections without requesting any money from Buhari or dipping his hands in Lagos State’s treasury.

Read what he said in the tape below;

“For all those who have come to Bourdillon, you know why we are here. We are here for mobilisation. You know what I mean by mobilisation.

“So, as registered APC members, you have to go and get your neighbours to come out and vote for the APC. It is after I have seen the favourable results of the elections that I will bring out good money.

“Buhari does not have the money that I want to steal and he doesn’t have the money I want to take from him. Also, he does not have the war chest for this presidential election.

“Therefore, whatever I’m promising you is for real – and it is coming from my own pocket. It is not until I go to Alausa before I can get money to give you.”

He, however, told the APC supporters who had come to visit him in preparation for the now postponed presidential and federal parliamentary polls that he would reward them financially after they had “delivered victory” for Buhari.


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