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Man Shares His First Car Experience In 2002 And It’s Hilarious


A Nigerian man recently left members shared the hilarious experience he had with his first car online – Peugeot 406 sedan.

According to @DrOlusesan, he purchased his first car, which was a Peugeot 406, in 2002. He said he drove to the vehicle to the Shangisha area of Lagos to show off his new asset to his friend. However, in an unexpected turn of event, the car was nowhere to be found when they came out to check on it.

@DrOlusesan said the car had rolled down the sloppy street and crashed into a brand new vehicle.

Read his tweet below:-

My first car, bought at a mechanic village in 2002 is a used Peugeot 406. I drove to a Shangisha sloped street, to show a friend. When we got outside, the car was gone. We thought twas stolen. It wasn’t stolen. It rolled all by itself down d slope and crashed into a brand new car.

We found it on d way to report at d police station my car was stolen. Crowd had gathered round it and have started cursing, wondering at d mystery behind d unmanned car. It took me and my friend time to decide whether I should announce I’m the owner of d car or I should run away.


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