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Naija Artists Stop Running Your Mouth, Bring Home The Grammy


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In every profession, there is always that ultimate trophy, that supreme cup that is served as a reward to those who have had an outstanding performance and as such the Music Industry on a global scale has that supreme trophy that every artist craves for.

The Grammy Awards is the recording industry’s most prestigious awards, which is presented annually by the Recording Academy. A Grammy is awarded by the Recording Academy’s voting membership to honor excellence in the recording arts and science.

Grammy Awards presentation brings together thousands of creative and technical professionals in the recording industry from all over the world. (source: grammy.org).

It is no news, that no indigenous Nigerian recording artist has won the award. Though some Nigerian artists have been close to it; artists such as Tiwa Savage who was nominated not for the strength of her singing skills but as part of the writers, Covard Greens and Combread, for a song off the ‘Back To Me’, album of American singer Fantasia, which was nominated in the R n B category .

King Sunny Ade is the first African to be nominated at the Grammy Awards twice. Femi Kuti has also been nominated four times but has not been able to win any. Sade Adu, Sikiru Adepoju and Seal are amongst Nigerian artistes that have at one time or the other been nominated for the Grammy Award.

In this year’s Grammy Awards of February 9th 2015,Kelvin Olusola a 26 year old beatboxer,won a group Grammy in the arrangement instrumental or acapella category. The commendable glory made Nigerians happy for this long awaited victory but they forgot something; that Olusola is not a Naija born or breed.

Don’t we all think its time that a Naija born and breaded artist is recognised in this award: not in a group category but as a solo artist, for the strength of his or her musical skills and performance, but before this bridge is crossed, we must ask ourselves some relevant questions and give sincere answers to them.

Is the Nigerian sound powerful enough for a Grammy? Do we have artists with powerful voices that the Grammy stage can’t deny its presence? Is our musical content rich enough to compete on the world stage? and most importantly, will the Grammy accept that one Nigerian artist has finally broken the ice, when that one person sundenly emerges and hold the world down?.

Some Nigerian artists in their songs have bragged about winning a Grammy but it appears to be nothing than empty words needed to fill up their poor lyrics. Dear Naija artists, it is not just enough to rant about how you would bring home the Grammy in your lyrics: For a heart that dreams does not do so through the multitude of words but in the multitude of business.

It is high time our fantastic musical prowess is recognised to that point of the Grammy and no longer underestimated by the world. It is high time we give them a sound that stands out in content, sound, and performance; only then would the Grammy not elude us anymore and today’s illusion of winning a Grammy by the Nigerian artists becomes tomorrows reality.

I believe in our music of power,grace,change,positivity and above all, our music that causes miracles to happen,impossibilities to possibilities; Sheba says so! *winks*.



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