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NECA Hails Buhari On Micro Pension Plan


The Nigeria Employers Consultative Association’s (NECA) Network of Entrepreneural Women (NNEW) has commended President Muhammadu Buhari on the launching of Micro Pension Plan (MPP) for retired self-employed workers in the informal sector of the economy.

Mrs Omolola Ajani, Chairperson, NNEW Abuja chapter, gave the commendation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

President Buhari, on March 28, launched the Micro Pension Plan (MPP) which automatically extends retirement benefits to millions of self-employed workers in the informal sector.

According to her, it is a laudable plan and something that is very welcome as it will further promote the desired saving culture.

“People want to find alternative means of getting income, thereby going to different kinds of schemes, including cooperatives, which they are not even sure about.

“This plan provides security and it is flexible and, above all, safety is key, as it concerns hard earn savings.

“For instance, if you look at what the Pension Act Reform has done, it has promoted confidence in the pension scheme, but initially, people were against it.

“Now, people can see that pension scheme has worked out perfectly well and we should promote it,” she said.

Ajani said NNEW would encourage all its members to subscribe to the plan as it would be beneficial to them.

She added that a lot of people would think that they did not have much to start saving, “but if you think of provety in old age, that should scare you to going into saving.” (NAN)


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