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Nigerian CELEBS, A Call To The Grave ooooo!


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Thou whose Blood Runs On Hard-Drugs

With pain in my heart ,I mourn, over Nigerian celebrities most especially music stars, who unconsciously or foolishly swore to destroy their vibrant careers due to drug addiction issues which out of shame, pride, or nonchalance as the case may be, have refused to seek medical help.

Drug Abuse also called ‘Substance Abuse’ is a disease that is characterized by a destructive pattern of using a substance that leads to a significant problem and distress.

Drug Addiction on the other hand also called Substance Dependence or Chemical Dependency, is a disease that is characterized by a destructive problem of drug abuse that leads to a significant problem involving intolerance to or withdrawal from the substance which threatens the sufferer’s life socially, work and school performance.
Some items of addiction include; marijuana(cannabis), cocaine, alcoholism, caffeine, inhalants, nicotine(cigarettes), sedative, hypnotic, anti-anxiety drugs or heroine, etc.

Jonny Depp, Elvis Presley, Samuel .L. Jackson, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Army Wine house,Angelina Jolie and Eminem are some of the American super stars that have struggled with drug addiction and abuse.

In Nigeria Majek Fashek,the rain maker and sound alike of Robert Nesta Marley, whose real names are Majekodunmi Fasheke; is the only Nigerian musician presently to have been declared a drug addict; but this is not to say that he is the only Nigerian celeb that is an addict as many of these celebs are suffering addiction issues behind closed doors.

Speculations going round that popular artist,9ice, Abolore Adegun is also suffering the disease is not confirmed but were assumed from his already cracking voice.Signs of the disease include, a sense of euphoria or feeling high, a heightened sense of visual auditory and taste perception, an increased blood pressure, heart rate and body odour, red eyes and dry mouth etc. Its symptoms include, decreased co-ordination, difficulty concentrating or remembering, increased appetite, slowed reaction time, paranoid thinking, decreased mental sharpness, poor performance at school or work, reduced number of friends and interests, cracking voice.

The reason for Drug Abuse and Addiction among entertainers varies from person to person, though reasons such as grave unhappiness, depression, anxiety, grave emptiness, lose of focus, terrifying family and childhood experiences are some of the reasons.

One of the world’s greatest artist to fall due to Drug Addiction is American artist Witney Houston, who was found unconscious in a bath tub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after taking a strong combination of drugs eventually died on 11th of February 2012.

Dear Nigerian Celebrities, your glories, legacy, fame and impacts in the entertainment industry will have no meaning if your life is wasted in the most tragic way. Indeed, stardom comes with a lot of challenges, sometimes you feel like you have conquered the world and since there is nothing else to conquer emptiness and depression sets in and a subsequent use of drugs.

There is no amount of depression and emptiness that one’s faith cant heal. hold on passionately to your faith; a Muslim to the Prophet Mohammed, a Christian to Jesus Christ the only son of God; only then would your life’s of stardom never walk that road of no return.



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