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Nigerian Music Celebs Are Fake, ‘All For Music, Fame And Its Pressures’


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He used to be everywere, in her mind all she thinks of, in her eyes all she sees ,on every track, street and neighbourhood he was there, in her dreams he was even more vincible. At times they would kiss, at other times he would caress and even make love to her: This lady was surely in love with her screen god, until the day she had the opportunity to meet with him and all her fantasy, imaginations and longings were gone. From when she saw him to when they sat to talk all was lost ,Alas! What went wrong?

This brief story might be fictitious, but this has been the predicament of many super fans. Many a times artists are analysed by the fans via what they see in their music videos and interviews; for instance if an artist is always singing love songs and stereotyped as a lover boy in his videos, the fans carry this picture and believe it to be the personality of the artist.

In a case where they meet the real person and sees he is the opposite of their imagination they feel so disappointed.An artist getting angry, buying cheap stuff, being broke, having a rough face or blemishes is a total turn off for the fan. He or she expects his screen god or goddess to be spotless and as perfect as God .

In a bid to please his or her fans and have them keep supporting his or her work, he changes his personality or bluntly put; pretends to be something he or she is not. In the heat of the pressures he somehow loses his guard and the shadow behind the shadow is revealed.

A Nigerian female artist, who was the first female to win in one of the most popular music talent hunt in the country ,in one of the interviews she granted one of the best Nigerian music stations on satellite; the low cut beauty bluntly stated that she could not date a fellow artist .When asked why? She revealed that most artists are basically not how you see them: ‘The TV personality is by far different from the real person’.

It is really painful when a person can’t be his or her self and is compelled not to do so as a result of the expectations and imaginations of their fans. Dear super fan do not forget that your TV god is at all times human; he could pollute the air, defecate, cry, be depressed, get angry, be financially down unhappy etc.

Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga clearly emphasised on this fake life of celebs in his track ‘Human Beings’ featuring 2face and sound sultan, off his ‘Chairman’ album released in the last quarter of 2014.

Lyrics: Verse 2

Sometime, you say hello but my mood is down
You try to take a picture, i might shoot it down
Cos i am going through some issues, i can’t do it now
Please understand that me sef be human being o
I joined twitter so i could promote my art
Some of these comments mehn, they nearly broke my heart
And trying to be mature, i never spoke my part
But i swear, me sef i be human being o
See instagram be putting pressure on a dude
Everybody is balling out, should i get into it
Will they be disappointed when they look at you
Mehn, me sef i be human being o
Everything i do, i try to do my best
Or make i no dey form like say i no dey mess
Sometimes i am Sway, i ain’t got the answer: Kanye West
I swear, me sef i be human being o.

Very torching lyrics from M.I reaching out to all super fans. Just before you mount pressures on that celeb, forcing him to be fake and ultimately empty inside all for music and fame, remember that, YOU SEF BE HUMAN BEING1!!!



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