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Robbers drown girl, 4, after forcing her to watch her parents shot dead


A four-year-old girl was drowned by robbers after she watched her parents shot to death .Her parents Konstantin and Inna Larkov had gone to buy a car which they had seen for sale online, but were robbed and murdered when they met the alleged ‘owners’.

Konstantin, 35, and Inna, 32, drove two hours across Crimea with their daughter Arina to the small village of Geroevskoe for the car.

They were met by Warder Raven Samar, 28, who pulled out a gun and demanded their cash. When Mr Larkov tried to fight back he was blasted five times in the chest and then his traumatised wife was shot in the chest and head.

Arina Larkova, victim

Samar and his friend then took 255,000 RUB (£3,236) from Mr Larkov’s body and his phone. They then put the bodies in the car and forced Arina to get in with them and rolled it into the lake. Samar, who works as a prison guard in Sevastopol, went to work after the murders, taking the jail-issued murder weapon with him. Worried neighbours of the family alerted police they were missing from their home town of Feodosia after hearing the family dog whining from hunger.

Detectives quickly tracked down the killer, he confessed and also reenacted the murders, MailOnline reported. The local police department spokesman said: ‘The adults died from numerous bullet wounds. After being killed they were put into their car.’


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