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The Goliath Of The Nigerian Music Industry


Banky W

The act of doing music in Nigeria has gone beyond the mic and the recording studio.In Nigeria of today,music making has metamorphose from that stage of just making music to that point of music business.

According to a post by Dana Rhodes it was stated that,”the music industry in Nigeria produces over 550 albums of different kinds of music annually.Record sales have more that tripled in the past five years and industry stakeholders have projected that the country’s entertainment industry would hit one billion dollars by 2016.Thereby making the Nigerian music industry the most dominant in Africa”.

The Goliath of the Nigerian music industry has emerged in recent times in form the copyright and royalty issues that is almost causing a rivalry between the performing artistes (COSON) and the broadcasting organization (BON).

The copyright society of Nigerian (COSON) headed by Dr Tony Okoroji have since for the past five years been giving there voice about the need to respect the intellectual property of artists registered with the body.It emphasizes the need for the users of sound and musical properties of artists to pay royalties due to these artists for there work.

There have been misconceptions about the whole concept,as members of the Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria (BON) and other individual and corporate users of music have all voiced out that paying royalties to artists should not be forced down there throats since they are in turn doing the artist a big favor by promoting there work.

Whether these arguments are grounded or not,it is only right that an understanding be reached so that the artists are not only popular but buoyant financially as well.Consideration should also be given to broadcasting organizations in making the royalties as minimum as possible,since most of there income is derived mainly from adverts.

The Nigerian music industry has emerged to that point of a business empire and as such must meet up to certain standards.All stakeholders should come to the desk and make resolutions that would make the music business not only profitable to the artist but all who make the artist to lime light;Only then would this Goliath in the Nigerian music industry; which is the giant that stands in the way of peace,harmony,love and progress be defeated.



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