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Toyin Lawani Shares Bedroom Video With A Man Caressing Her Breast


Serial entrepreneur and C.E.O of Tiannahs Empire is trying so hard to break the internet, first it was a video of her P.A massaging her bum.

And now a video of a man seductively caressing her breast in her bedroom has emerged. The mother of two who shared the raunchy video on her official handle, wrote;

You opinions Don’t Pay the Bills ,
@mbplingerie Does 
Mofos,Go Rant to @kimkardashian BITCH is on cover of Forbes , Yet you call her A prostitute ,Everyday , Which young Entrepreneur in this Economy Run 30 Businesses day in day out and manage 2kids , which one schools abroad ,pays over a hundred people’s salary, house up to 40 of them , trains Physically challenge for free and give them paid employment, want to learn more about me and what I have to offer , Go watch my Reality show on Dstv165 Via @Ebonylifetv or Read my Book #Beunstoppable-TheBusinessmogulsGuide , The more you talk about me the more money I make , That’s what you Losers don’t know, small talk you will be saying her children , Are they your children , leave my life Alone and face yours, Jobless trolls, Do I look like someone who cares , I have bills to pay , I don’t see one you are paying it for me or feeding my children, I work too hard for me to care about your useless opinions , I work in my factories all night with my team while you sleep or make silly comments, Learn to Embrace your sexiness, even if you have kids,that’s what @mbplingerie is there for, I’m not responsible for your ugliness or your misfortunes 🙅‍♀️always looking for my man ,so you people can Ruin it, Nigerians ma pami now🤣my mentality is foreign ,I grew up there ,you don’t expect all of us to think the same way or like the sAmethings, Show me a sexy mama of two who Genuinely works hard with her two hands and set standards before you talk trash about a lingerie shoot , is it a goat that would have put the oil on my body for the shoot , @deydeysoso_ enjoy the rubbing jare 🤣🤣 Eyin werey jatijati, small talk you will be mentioning my children.hisss. if you don’t like me pls commit sucide 🙅‍♀️Everybody please face your face and go and Sort all your husbands in my Dms🤣 Bastards if they pay you ordinary 5million naira to show all your nakedness,you will even add your mother 🤣 I have told you people on the ist of January, my new year Resolution is embracing my sexiness , if you don’t like it pls block me.
#elegantebytiannahstyling kingofallQueens

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