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Video | Coco – Na You


Coco’s ‘Na You’ is a catchy, girl-meets-boy love story, where she narrates all the things she finds attractive about her love interest. The light-hearted manner in which she delivers the lyrics makes the afro-highlife song even more enjoyable.

The ‘Na You’ video, directed by Unlimited LA, gives us an excellent story that’s very easy to relate to. Coco is your typical girl-next-door, lounging around her plush room, chatting with her lover, writing in her diary, and excitedly getting ready for a day out with her friends. We see the artiste and her friends driving through the city having a good time, and follow them to a poolside where Coco eventually reconnects with her love interest.

The simplicity of the story makes it easy to follow, and lends to its greatness, considering that quite a number of us have been in this same state of mind once or twice before.

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