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Video: JK Ft Yemi Alade – Paduze (Closer)


Taurus Musik presents this truly loveable tune produced through the merged talents of John Katembula “JK” of Zambia and Yemi Alade of Nigeria – “Paduze”[Download Audio Here].

A perfect mixture of love and play for the featured artistes, the crew and the audience is the culmination of the enticing video that is “Paduze”. “Paduze” The official Video Premier is finally here.

The “Paduze” video benefits from a beautiful setting as well as the energetic deliveries of both JK and Yemi Alade. The chemistry of the two artistes is evidenced in both their blend of unique vocals and the spirit of the dance.

JK has been known for his lively performances in his music. Yemi also brings her well loved voice and acclaimed dance routines to the video. There is also a cameo appearance from Zambian sensation Urban Hype.

This video shows the rising quality of African music and the collaborative efforts of artists across the continent from West to south is something to be commended.

Watch On YouTube, Here

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