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VIDEO | Kasaskie – Pa Pimping


I just got hold of this nice video and song from UK-based Nigerian Artist, Kasaskie, titled “Pa Pimping”. Song produced by DJ Sleek.

O ya let’s Pa Pimping and dance alanta jooor.This song is all over the place man!Nice flow Kasaskie!

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  1. Jimmy says

    Nice one Kasaskie – for the fact that you did a song and video that brings out our culture abroad makes me proud of you. Nice one from DJ Sleek who gave the beats some wicked gan gan, I heard he directed the Video too!!! Keep it up bruv…

  2. Adetayo Jimmy Chicago says

    Pa pimping Papimping Yeeeeeh Papimping nice tune bruv, I saw the video on Ben Tv couple of times, nice one guys, you guys are making us proud in Scotalnd. Hope you will come and perform for us when we call you….lol Big up Kasaskie and DJ Sleek.

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