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Why I Joined Ogun Governorship Race – Senator Kashamu


The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State in the last elections, Senator Buruji Kashamu, said he joined the race to fight injustice.
Kashamu made the statement while reacting to the claims that he was not serious with his governorship ambition, while some said he joined to seek immunity.
Kashamu who rebuffed the claims said, it would be unreasonable for anyone to commit the kind of resources he committed to the electoral process without a plan to win.
He stressed that he gave his all in the election as he was ready to fight impunity and injustice.
“I hate injustice with a passion. I can give anything to fight injustice. We put in our best. But the protracted court case had adverse effect on our supporters and mobilisation efforts. We thank God that the rule of law prevailed and we were on the ballot against the expectations of the lawbreakers,” a statement quoted Kashamu to have said in an interview.
Kashamu, who represented Ogun East in the 8th National Assembly, said he had in since gone back to his cotton and hospitality businesses after his governorship ambition hit the rock.
While commending President Muhammadu Buhari for signing financial autonomy for the local government areas, Kashamu said governors were killing the local governments.
“It is an open secret in Nigeria that governors had castrated the local governments by depriving them access to their statutory funds. This has turned into serious economic strangulation at the grassroots.
“I salute President Buhari for having the rare political courage and patriotism to save the Nigerian masses through the NFIU monitoring of local government funds. I strongly believe that sooner than later the people will feel the impact of this initiative,” Kashamu said.


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