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You can’t excel at everything, I never passed JAMB – Akin Alabi Advises Those Complaining Of Getting Third Class


Nigerian lawmaker and business mogul, Akin Alabi while advising graduates complaining of getting 3rd class revealed he never pass JAMB.

Akin Alabi stressed that no one can excel at everything as he urged to stop complaining.

The lawmaker in a long thread on Twitter wrote,

“No one should complain of getting 3rd class. Some of us didn’t even pass JAMB. I was fine with the fact that I sucked at it. We should learn to normalize and teach kids to normalize sucking at certain things, but we have too many woke and fragile people these days.

We have to accept the fact that we can’t excel at everything. You can suck at some things. But these days, you will be told you are hurting people by telling the truth. We want to wrap people in cotton wool. We give certificates of participation to kids that came 8th in a race.

Avoiding telling people the truth that they suck enables entitlement. When reality smacks them right in the face, they get extremely sad and maybe depressed. But if you knew you sucked at something, you wouldn’t be so depressed when reality happens.

The other day, one young man sent asked to send me a rubbish painting. The painting was so terrible. I made it clear it was terrible. I spoke the truth. What happened? People came at me. You could have given him something. He can get depressed. You should encourage him. Nope.

The painting was absolute rubbish. I believe he had the guts to put that painting out because people around him wrapped him in cotton wool deceiving him he was doing well. They didn’t want to hurt him. I told him the truth and I hope he has tried to improve or quit.

Back to 3rd class matter. You sucked at school and got a 3rd class. So? Take your L and move. Find something to do. Improve yourself. Many businesses can still employ you. Work hard when you get there and prove your worth. They will forget your 3rd class.

emphasis on degrees these days, not to talk of classes. You can get a job. Improve other aspects. Learn a new language. Learn coding if you can. Find what you don’t suck at and get going quickly.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on. And if it’s business you want to do, learn how to do that as well. Learn from a guru like me and work hard at it. Just do something other than feeling sorry for yourself. The thread wasn’t that short at the end of the day.”


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